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The King is Dead

The King is dead long live the King
Long live the boss of everything
Victoriously leaving the field mighty the sword he wield
High up on his throne, mustn't hear the rabble moan
High up on his horse, knows to throw around his force

The King is dead long live the King
Meet the new boss change he'll bring
Change the subject, change your mind,
Change the channel, redefine
the answers for the questions they allow you to pose
Change the slogan of the day,
Choose new friends, produce new foes

The King is dead long live the King
They put him on the stage, and pull the strings

America, America

America, America : God sheds his grace :

You say he sheds his grace on thee
Land of the brave & home of the free
Why should he favor one or the other
The world is one we're all brothers

You say he sheds his grace
But take a look at this place
What I see looks like the devils face

Why should he shed his grace on thee
Who killed the brave & subjugate the free

It's just the gods that we created
To keep the common folk sedated
America, America land of opportunities
For greedy leaders who rob us of our liberties

America, America: spread your grace on me!
America, America: wake up and be
Come together, right now and be free!

I Come From the Land of the Free

I come from the land of the free
I didn't believe,
but still they weaved their tales around me

Necessary illusions, confusing the soul
A never ending stream of lies
Mold and form, hypnotize you

You know what you need to be free
Still you don't turn off the TV

I come from the land of the free
A long occupation 500 nations
Land of suppression but you are free...
To do as they tell you
You can be your very own selection
From their collection
Of role models, keeping you amused
Keeping you infused with manufactured consent
They are intent on locking you up
In a mental cage where is the rage?


Steve Rangel

Singer / Songwriter