Who am I?

  • An American in Germany
  • I've been living in Germany for over 30 years now. I come from sunny S. California. Like they say: "a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." Like always there are advantages and disadvantages, but I'm happy with my life here in Germany as long as I can visit home once in awhile. I'd like to be there in these exciting times, but I don't want to fly and have to go through those body scanners!

  • Occupation
  • I worked in the computer branch for more than 23 years, most of the time with UNIX. After UNIX was getting less popular and my company was merging and laying off, I also got layed off. After that I worked in some factories through a rent-a-slave company. Now I'm doing what I can as a musician, philosopher, activist, "angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times"

    I Me Mine


    Steve Rangel

    Singer / Songwriter